Listing Rules


  • Has served Australia in its armed forces and went in harm’s way in the country’s name during conflicts from the Boer War to the present day.  They need to be listed on an official database as baseline evidence.  This is simply to ensure the integrity of our data and to prevent 'fabrication' of identities.
  • We will include Australian citizens who enlisted in British or Commonwealth forces in the Boer War, WW1 and 2 where that service can be evidenced adequately and the above rules are met. 

'Harm’s way’ is defined by official recognition in the form of the award of a service or campaign medal. These include South African Medal (Boer War), British War Medal (WW1), Australian Service Medal (WW2, 1945-75, 1975-current) and the equivalent Active Service medals, and the more recent Operational Service Medal.


  • People from other Commonwealth countries who have since immigrated to Australia. 
  • Australians who enlisted in another nation's forces in conflicts in which Australia was not involved.
  • People currently serving in the armed forces