Today's Honour Roll

Today's Honour Roll recognizes 207 Australians who fell on this day in history.
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Name Date of Death Conflict
SCOTT, Harold 18 Oct 1917 World War 1
COLLINS, Frank Edward 18 Oct 1915 World War 1
HEPWORTH, Victor Leo 18 Oct 1917 World War 1
HENNESSEY (HENNESY), Thomas Joseph 18 Oct 1917 World War 1
NEAGLE, James Martin Clement 18 Oct 1917 World War 1

Celtic Wood

At 5:20 on the morning of 9 October 1917, a raiding party from the 10th Battalion AIF attacked German forces at Celtic Wood. Increasingly fanciful stories, including of German massacres, sprung up facilitated by an absence of German records and an ignorance of Australian ones.  At 5:30 on the evening of 9 October 2017, at Keswick Barracks, Adelaide, a hundred years, to the day after the raid, Robert Kearney launched his book which tells the story of what really happened before during and after the raid.

Written by a man with an intimate understanding of battle, Raid on Celtic Wood critically analyses what has been previously written about the raid, much of which has been based on conjecture, and conclusively demonstrates that there is no sinister mystery behind what happened to the 85 raiders on that fateful day. With surgical precision and a clear mastery of the sources, Kearney solves what has been touted as "the greatest mystery of the AIF".

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